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    The BEST Group Exercise in Nottingham


    We help YOU to:

    - Lose inches

    - Gain strength

    - Boost energy levels

    - Increase confidence

    - Get in the BEST shape possible

    -Using Group Exercise


    The mirror doesn't reflect the image you have in your head

    You've tried all the 'quick fixes' but nothing changes


    You're not alone!

    We have helped 100s people in Nottingham with these exact problems.

  • Rita one of our members, losing 5 inches

    "I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS CONSISTENT WITH EXERCISE AND MY DIET. The results have been amazing and i've needed a new wardrobe"

    - Sue

    Gym goer nottingham in one of our Group exercise sessions

    "the support and guidance at the studio has been excellent. we've lost inches, boosted our energy levels and really look forward to training"

    - Matt and Rachel

    Fran's transformation at our Nottingham gym

    "The instructors know how to get results & they understand that everyone is different"

    - lianne

    Hannah getting wedding ready with Personal Training and Group Exercise

    "Amazing results and wedding ready"

    - Hannah

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  • Where are we?

    We're located just down the road from Nottingham Motorpoint Arena!
    Witness The Fitness Training Studios, Eagle Works Building, Hooton Street NG3 2NJ Nottingham, United Kingdom
    please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you asap.