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Motivation Matters

3 quick fire tips to keep your motivation topped up.


Motivation is an area that many people struggle with and it does take effort to keep yourself motivated. The 'I cant be arsed' attitude is common and is the path that leads to is procrastination, lack of action and ultimately nothing.

Motivation is a pushing force that gives you energy to complete a task and get into action but motivation can come and go for various reasons. Now to keep yourself motivated you have to keep up regular habits you have to keep your motivational levels topped up and as the motivational speaker Zig Zigler once said, "people often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing- that's why we recommend it daily".

So here's some quick fire tips you can do to boost your motivation

Set Achievable Challenges.

A new challenge can reignite a passion you may have let stip. Now the important part to challenges is to strike a balance between sense and adventure. For a challenge to be motivating, it needs to be challenging. Anything that is accomplished without effort or is easy soon becomes boring and will not leave you with a sense of achievement. On the flip side whilst it should be challenging it shouldn't be impossible. The best way to do this is try to nail down specific challenges. I could be signing up to a kick programme where you train x4 per week for six weeks, or sign up to a couch to 5k. Don't just 'plan' to start exercising more, be more specific and put in some details.

Find Your Tribe.

Did you know research has shown that exercising in a group can double the level of endorphins your body produces as well as bringing a greater sense of cohesion, meaning people tend to be more punctual, miss fewer workouts and expend more energy. So why are you training alone at home or the gym? Go find your tribe, you will feel better (endorphins), and get better results (miss fewer workouts and work harder). At Witness The Fitness Training Studios we understand this and that's why we designed the studio to maximise group exercise and ensure all of our sessions are structured. It keeps people motivated and getting results. The best thing about finding your tribe, group, gang or TeamWTF is that there is always encouragement near by. A friendly face encouraging you to keep going and that you're doing great. It is widely known that verbal encouragement is proven to increase effort and consistency when exercising. Find some positive people.

Music Motivation

For some strange reason music can affect our mood. Some songs bring energy, some are happy, some sad. But did you know music can also cut your perceived effort by 10% during exercise? According to research, when people enjoy the music and the music has a strong beat, they tend to work harder and don't feel like the effort is as great. So when you work out set up your music with tunes that are energised and motivating! Or you could just book into a group exercise class at the studio, we have some great beats to get your sweat on in class with.

Get motivated

There are tons of ways to reignite your motivation, whether it be small nudge to keep you going or a rocket to kick you into action. So try different things and find what works for you. Try Witness The Fitness quick fire 3 above as a starting point and take it from there! In the meantime, stay active and stay healthy.