It's not a diet. Its healthy eating.

  • You Yo-yo diet

    putting on more weight than when you started

    you hate the reflection in the mirror

    you've tried every diet out there but never get anywhere

    You're not alone. Our 1-1 Transform Your Programme has helped people that had the same problems change their relationship with food, lose excess inches and importantly learn about nutrition.


    If you're willing to put the work in and ready to learn we will support you to finally take control of your diet.

  • How It Works



    Week 1: During the assessment we find out a bit about you, what your goals are and where you are starting from.


    Weekly Updates

    Weeks 2-5: Each week you will receive a single, one hour session dedicated to you to review your nutrition and then set up the following week. You will given mini tasks and goals to target before the next meeting.



    Week 6: At the end of the 6 weeks, we will review your journey, reassess and see the results your hard work has achieved.

  • Transform your food today!

    Six One-to-One sessions designed to change your lifestyle, your relationship with food and importantly get results

  • testimonials

    Find out what people thought of the programme...

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    "Completely changed my relationship with food"

    Transform Your Food completely changed my relationship with food, it made me realise certain foods aren't the devil as well as understand different types of foods, calories and food labelling. I wasn't following some fad diet and it was designed to change my lifestyle and even helped me track and adapt at times of holiday and Christmas rather than beat myself up for having a glass of prosecco or a chocolate. It was an amazing programme and I now use my food journal as a little bible. I lost over 3 inches and I'm very happy. A mind and body changer
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    "I have lost weight, inches and more in control"

    The Transform Your Food Programme is a must if you struggle with food. I certainly enjoy my food more now and never go feeling hungry. Its made me assess what foods go with what and yes you can eat carbs. I managed to tackle Christmas without eating everything in front of me and still enjoyed the festive season. I no longer go shopping and think about treats. I'm so pleased Pete encouraged to not to delay the start of my programme until after Christmas. I have lost weight, and inches and feel more in control and better in myself.
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    "by week 6 I had lost 6 inches"

    I thought I had my eating habits under control and was at a loss as to why I was still putting on weight. The TYFP was a real eye opener. The ownership is still on you which I felt was important. Pete doesn't provide meal plans for you, what he provides is far more valuable. I gained knowledge about calorie intake, types of food, what they provide which were tailored to me. Each week I was encouraged to keep a food diary which we used as a basis for our weekly discussions. With small changes in what I was eating and when, I had managed to achieve the 'perfect' week for me and by week 6 I had lost 6 inches off my hips and waist. The programme puts you in the driving seat.
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    "I feel super healthy, strong and very good in my skin"

    I always thought I ate relatively healthy and exercise, yet I didn't feel really good in my skin. The Transform Your Food Programme made me understand what my body needs without going hungry and how to fuel my body on the days when I exercise. It taught me there are no good or bad foods, but there is quality over quantity. Pete supported and guided me through this journey and now I feel super healthy, strong and very good in my skin. Highly recommended.
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    "No more dragging myself down"

    Absolutely loved the programme. I have tried a lot of different diet programmes including weight watchers and slimming world amongst others. This programme was nothing like them. I now know what foods work well together and I'm eating the same as the family at last without constantly fretting about syns! I feel so much more relaxed around it all now with no more dragging myself down. Pete's support and knowledge is just fantastic and never made me feel bad if I was struggling. Absolutely no regrets at all doing it. A brilliant lifestyle change.
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    "I could see and feel the difference in myself"

    The Transform Your Food programme brilliant! It now understand food better and look at my own eating habits. It was refreshing not to have to think of certain foods as 'out of bounds' or to count 'syns'. Instead we work out what I need to eat and when to eat it to help me perform at my best. I was able to live my life and still enjoy food but with more insight and knowledge of what I was eating. Pete personalised my programme and supported me throughout! I felt amazing as I progressed and could see and feel the difference in myself. I would recommend this to those who need a small nudge in the right direction to those who are completely lost with food.
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    Ann & Ian

    "We feel happier and healthier"

    After treating lockdown one as a holiday we gained body fat and was feeling rubbish. We signed up to the Transform Your Food Programme together and got us back on track and in better shape than I was before lockdown. Pete individualised each of our programmes to suit our individual needs and we both lost fat and inches with our body shapes changing. Since completing the programme we have been able to carry it on through the subsequent lockdowns and we feel happier and healthier for it.
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