• Workplace Wellness

    UK business spend on average £554 per employee per year on staff absentee (Office of National Statistics). Let us help keep your staff healthy, productive and enjoying their work.


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  • Testimonials

    Find out what companies we have worked with us think...

    Alea Casino Nottingham

    'Fantastic feedback from the team'

    "As part of our people plant play wellbeing day we asked Witness The Fitness to come in and host. The activities got us talking about teamwork, discussing how food affects our mood and working up a sweat in a high energy box fit class. We could not recommend Witness The Fitness enough for any business looking for a workplace wellbeing programme. Fantastic feedback from all of the team who attended the session"

    -Emma - Alea Casino

    Experian Nottingham

    'Informative and well delivered seminars'

    "We invited Witness The Fitness into our business to deliver some health and wellbeing seminars. We initially had two seminars delivered to small groups that were informative and well delivered. The feedback we had from the team was extremely positive and we are now working with Pete and the team to deliver some educational courses on mental health and wellbeing at Experian"

    -Nicki - Experian Group.

  • Workplace Wellness

    We work with businesses in and around Nottingham to help improve employee health and wellbeing, empowering businesses to stay healthy and productive.

  • Workplace Wellness Services

    We design bespoke Wellness packages for you and your team!

    Health Assessments

    Health Assessments are quick and simple way to assess employee health.

    Our health assessments include blood pressure, hip to waist ratio, body fat analysis and posture and range of movement assessment.

    Educational Seminars

    Reach a large number of your employees with our Educational Seminars that are designed to inform and empower employees

    Information and seminars are based on current research into health and wellbeing and are delivered by an experienced trainer and fully qualified teacher, lecturer and fitness professional with over 16 years in the fitness industry and over 7 years experience teaching.

    Group PT

    From the assessments we can specifically target employees that might need a little more support.

    Personalised training for groups of 4 to 6 employees, aimed at improving health and wellbeing for those identified with areas for improvement within their health assessments.

    Fitness Classes

    A great way to de stress, get fitter and build team cohesion.

    Whether you come to the studio or we come to you, we offer a range of fitness classes delivered by a fully qualified enthusiastic training. Sessions can include, BoxFit, BodyFlex, Teamwork works, HIIT and more!

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    Witness The Fitness Training Studios, Eagle Works Building, Hooton Street
    NG3 2NJ Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Open evenings and weekends
    07926 636459
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