All the news and action from WTF February 2023

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    2 minutes of Ice tub submersion everyday of Feb...

    Everyday of February Pete and Gemma have been dunking themselves into cold water for 2 minutes because they are crazy as well as to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

    February is national Heart month so it was the perfect time to raise awarness and funds especially because heart disease is the number one killer in the UK.

    There were swear words here and there as well as celebrity appearances... and by celeb's we mean we dragged other members into the challenge throughout the month.

    A big shout to Gemma who went out of her way and brought a wheelie bin off amazon to take on this challenge. After cracking what is the best way to get in and out of the bin... she was newly nicknamed BIN HOFF and went BINNY DIPPING everyday.

    In total we raised in excess of £500! which is amazing, a big thank you to everyone that donated

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    Members took on and kicked ass in FIT GAMES.

    On Sunday 26th Feb, some of the Members from Witness The Fitness signed up to take on the FIT Games

    6 exercises and disciplines with the objective of scoring as many reps or achieving the greatest distance as possible within 4 minutes per exercise with a 4 minute rest between each one.


    The vibe was super positive with everyine cheering each other on as the exercises got tougher and the points were tallied up. The leaderboards for each exercise as well as the overall finishing leaderboard can be seen below. Some amazing scores and a competitive field. But Emma came out victorious with a score of 314 points with Michelle in second only 4 points behind with 310 and Sarah third with 299 points.


    A big shout to Mark the only man to take part in this event and smash out the heavier weights and finish 4th and big thanks to Jim, who's currently injured but came down to help officiate as well as cheer on the others.

    This event will be organsied later on in the year, so people will have an opportunity to beat there scores as well as for first timers to give it their best shot.

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    The team had a blast

    Cat and Jodie paired up along with Jane and Rachel to take on Hyrox Glasgow. And boy did they do well!

    The represented WTF in Scotland in the best way by finsihing with some incredible times. Cat and Jodie finsihed with a time of 1 hour 8 minutes and Jane and Rachel finished in 1 hour 22minutes. Some brilliant times but you know what they say... teamwork makes the dream work.


    At the end of Feb Coach Cat went to Vienna to compete in Hyrox internationally (again!) and wow didn't she do good. She only went and achieve 1st place in her age category! She now is the proud owner of a Hyrox 1st place flag! Well done Cat.


    The event consists of 1000m run, 1000m ski, 1000m run, 50m sled push, 1000m run, 50m sled pull, 1000m run, 80m burpees, 1000m run 1000m rower, 1000m run, 200m carry, 1000m run, 100m lunges, 1000m run, 100 wall balls. Want to get Hyrox fit? Check out our True Grit sessions! Lets go!

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    Client Milestones!

    Well done to the members getting milestone sessions in the bag!

    In Feb we had both Mat and Rachel Adcock meeting and surpassing the 100 session mark at the studio. The continue to go from strength to strength, getting sessions under their belt and getting great results in the process.


    A huge well done to Rachel Horton who achieved her 250!


    Also keep a look out next month as Founder member Paula Deabill looks set to break into the 1000 session club! Exciting!

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    Welcome Alex, A New PT at the Studio

    New trainer at the studio

    A huge warm welcome to Alex, who as joined the instructing team and will be PTing out of the studio. Alex is a keen fitness enthusiast, has a love of the outdoors and occasionaly jumps out of aeroplanes for fun... she helps and supports beginners find their feet with exercise and helps them build structure and confidence. Throughout March, Alex will be offering FREE consultations to find out about you and yor fitness goals to see if she can help you get in the BEST possible shape.


    When you see Alex in the studio make sure you give her a warm WTF welcome.