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    Witness The Fitness Podcast: Ep 2. Christmas Nutrition Special

    With Pete Staples

    In episode 2, join us for a live discussion at the studio with some of our members as discuss tackling Christmas for maximal health, fitness and enjoyment. In Seasons Eating's we discuss the ins and outs of Christmas, talk mindset and approach and importantly explain the 3 C's of Christmas weight management success and enjoyment, Consistency, Control and Christmas Spirit. Before ending the workshop helping our members and you the listener with some ideas of applying the key principles. Enjoy

    Witness The Fitness Podcast: Episode 1

    With Pete Staples

    In episode 1 one we discuss calories, whether exercise is good way to loss weight, whether sex or walking is better for calorie burn. We chat current events with the news that Nottingham City Council risks Bankruptcy and what it may mean for health. We discuss one of my favourite motivational quotes as well as answering questions from my fitness community.