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If exercise was a pill, it would be labelled a miracle cure.

So why not take a dose?

Cures and Crutches

Nowadays, the world of medicine has never been better and life expectancy is generally very good. We have crutches for every modern problem you can face and it some cases its very much needed and we should be happy its there. But have we become too reliant on these to make ourselves feel better, when in some cases we should be asking 'do we even need it'? There are tablets and medicines for pretty much everything in our modern life... Headache? Tablet. Feeling down? Tablet. Blood Pressure too high? Tablet. Feel Anxious? Tablet. Cant sleep? Tablet. Back ache? Tablet. I think you get the idea.

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But what if I told you the best cure is not a tablet and everyone can access it in one way shape or form and in some cases its completely free. Exercise, physical activity, movement call it what you want but this is the miracle cure we have been looking for, and we have had it all along and always actually knew about its wonderous properties.

'what if I told you the best cure, is not a tablet and everyone can access it...'

Headache? Some headaches care caused by muscle tension build up throughout the day and exercise such as stretching, yoga and Pilates can help release muscle tension. Even if your headache wasn't due to tension, your body responds wonderfully to exercise by releasing a powerful hormone, endorphins. These fabulous hormones literally change your internal chemistry making you feel happier. You can create these hormones with the intervention of pills and tablets.

Happy Hormones

Feeling Down? Rough day? Depressed? Anxious? Now if you bothered to read the paragraph above. Endorphins and other happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin will pick us up. Now I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying exercise alone can cure depression and anxiety but it can and will have a positive impact in managing it. Depression can hit us with waves, some times its a little wave, some big and some times there's a break in the wave we have been waiting for. Exercise and releasing happy hormones will help us have more 'break in the wave' days and help us manage each day a little more productively.

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You don't need to have a degree to understand to that exercise improves the condition of your heart. Your heart is a muscle and like all muscles you effectively you train and exercise it, the better it will be. Lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure and lessening your chances of strokes and heart attacks. The rest of your body adapts and generally positively changes to exercise including your bones, muscles, and organs. Stronger bones and muscles, organs that function well.

Sleep Success

Struggling to sleep? Exercise is always a great way to get your head down. Lets get back to hormones and our happy hormone Serotonin. Serotonin along with making us feel awesome is also a vital component in regulating or sleep wake cycle and our temperature. Exercise can also help us sleep by using up our energy stores and tiring us out. A study by Northwestern University looking into exercise and sleep reported individuals who regularly undertook aerobic exercise improved there sleep as well as displayed fewer depressive symptoms. When done on a regular basis, exercising for as little as 10 minutes a day can aid sleep. So if we simply move more, serotonin and the act of movement can have a positive effect on getting some much needed shut eye.

'Instead of popping a pill, why not pop your trainers on and walk, run, lift, jump, dance and move your way to your miracle cure.

The Exercise Pill

Exercise can help manage weight, can improve circulation, lifts and elevates mood, reduces tiredness, helps us sleep better, helps combat illness and disease, improves our bones, our muscles and can even boost memory. Exercise is an excellent stress management aid, has anti aging properties, improves posture and improves our self confidence.

If we could take a pill that did all of the above, we would be raving about this super cure. In essence we all have access to this amazing cure, but unfortunately it doesn't come in the form of a pill, but in the form of effort and movement. A daily dose of exercise, even as little as 10 minutes a day can have truly amazing affects on your health and wellbeing.

So instead of popping a pill, why not pop your trainers on and walk, run, lift, jump, dance and move your way to your miracle cure.