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    "I have never felt better and more confident"

    I wanted to look and feel the best I could on my wedding day, after joining Witness The Fitness months before and already seeing massive changes in my body, I also started having PT sessions with Pete. In sessions , I have almost cried, laughed a lot and uttered the odd swear word but Pete has amazing ability to get you to push yourself past what you thought was possible. He makes you work harder than you can imagine and he is supportive, funny and an absolute expert. I have never felt better or more confident.


    "A big part of my life for 2 years"

    Personal Training with Pete at Witness The Fitness has been a big part of my life for 2 years now. I'm stronger and fitter for it and I'm seeing benefits in my confidence and general wellbeing.
    I love the fitness classes at Witness The Fitness, the energy, positivity and motivation within the group is outstanding and I find myself feeding off it and working as hard as I can from start to finish. I love it.


    "I have never looked back"

    I have trained with Pete for about 11 years stumbling across a hiit class which I thought I would give a go, since that day I have never looked back, going from 18 stone down to 13 with help from his group exercise classes and PT sessions. The studio for me isn’t just about getting fit it’s the family feel and the love and warmth when I walk into any class. I have made friends for life and Pete is the best trainer I have ever met and I am so proud to call him a close friend! He has guided me to where I am today and I am now lucky enough to teach at the Studio! His love for fitness radiates and is very contagious, WTF teaches you that fitness is a way of life and a journey you’ll never regret!


    "I have PB'd at every distance"

    Since starting a personal training programme with Pete I've seen additional strength, mobility and running speed within a year and I have PB'd at every distance. Pete's guidance and support has helped me understand how I move and I can see how I can go even further with more time. With my fitness developing and improving with the PT sessions the fitness classes on offer at Witness The Fitness helps to give me variety in my training and working in a group of like minded people.


    "I never leave a class without a great sense of achievement"

    I joined the studio when it very first opened and haven't looked back. Being a member of WTF has transformed my whole outlook to health and fitness. Pete shows you it can be fun and not a chore and I never leave a class without a great sense of achievement. The variety of classes is brilliant and there is something for everyone. I would highly recommend the studios to anyone wanting that community feel and pushed to work hard.


    "The most friendly and inviting studio"

    I have been a member of WTF for the past few years and I can't imagine my life without it now! I have used other gyms previously but quickly got bored of the same workouts and classes. The classes at WTF vary so much. The thought, energy and enthusiasm Pete and the team put into each routine is incredible. I am especially proud of the improvement in my fitness which has seen me take part in Tough Mudder and SOTF since joining. It's the most friendly and inviting studio I have been to. Everyone is made to feel welcome and encouraged to give it their all.


    "I have never been stronger"

    I have been a member for the past few years I have benefitted from using their services in many different capacities - from Pete's very effective P/T sessions, seminars, corporate events through to challenges such as Snowdon and team obstacle race events. What I really love though are his classes. Pete has a unique creativity which carries through his wide ranging timetable. There is something for all abilities. The support given to his members and a sense of community is on a level I have never seen at a gym before, my confidence with regard to exercise has never been stronger!


    "I feel stronger week in week out"

    I started PT with Pete at the studio after a recommendation from my sister. Having spent a year losing weight on my own, I was lighter but felt lost. I was struggling for time and trying to cram everything in. I came to Pete wanting professional advice and guidance. I wanted to become stronger and improve my running and have achieved these and more. I'm lifting weights I never though possible, I'm working on pull ups and I have achieved new running personal bests. The studio is so welcoming and has a friendly family feeling. I've surprised myself with what I'm capable of and I'm getting stronger week in week out.
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