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    We Help Women and Men Find Their Love For Fitness Again

    Lose Inches, Gain Strength and Boost Your Confidence in Studio Designed for Fitness Classes and Personal Training with Community That Will Support and Encourage You Every Step Of The Way

  • We specialise in fitness classes

    Witness The Fitness deliver's a range of weekly fitness classes.

    HIIT. Circuit. BoxFit. Adrenaline. Yoga-Flex. Spin. Fusion. Tyred. Rise.

    WTF Community love a Obstacle

    Here at WTF we love and value community and togetherness, so there is no better way than organising TeamWTF to participate in different mud runs throughout the year.

    Health Assessments

    Health assessments offer a great starting point and are invaluable for monitoring your progress at the studio. Along with the health tests your lifestyle and exercise regime will be analysed to help you improve your test scores and overall health.

    Health, Nutrition and Exercise Workshops

    Education is key. We know when the hard work you do is backed up by your understanding, the results are better.

    We run a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the year.

    Personal Training

    Personal Training offers a personalised approach to meeting your goals.

    WTF fitness coaches will offer the experience, expertise and skill needed for you to achieve your goals. Go take a look at the testimonials page.

    Group PT

    Small Group Personal Training offers a more affordable and social way to train and meet your needs and goals. At the Studio we offer specific Group PT Programmes as well as Paired PT options.

    Online training

    With lockdown and the studio closed we've moved weekly fitness class online and stream live into our private members area on Facebook.


    We also deliver online PT giving you a bespoke and unique online training programme and a coach that will guide you through your workout through the medium of Skype.


    Don't fancy PT? Why not let one of our coaches design you a personalised 6 week programme based on your personal needs and goals, with online ongoing support for a one off price.

    Workplace Wellness

    Corporate Wellness packages uniquely designed for you, your company and your team.

    Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Health and Wellbeing Support and Health Assessments

    Get your team and workforce fitter, healthier, happier and more productive at work

    We've worked with different companies in Nottingham including: Boots, Experian and Alea Casino

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  • Fitness Coach Profiles

    Meet the team

    Pete Staples

    Director and Fitness Coach

    With over 16 years experience in the health and fitness industry delivering fitness classes and personal training. Pete has a fun and motivational approach to training and specialises in group fitness and improving runners and obstacle course fitness. Why not join him for one of many of his classes at the studio. His favourite classes include Circuits and Fusion.

    Cat Rae

    Fitness Coach

    Cat is a passionate fitness enthusiast, with a love for fitness classes, running and squash.

    Her personal journey through fitness and her positivity is inspiring. She regularly organises runs with members and you can catch her teaching in classes such as Pump, HIIT and Circuit at the studio. Oh and her favourite exercise is the infamous Burpee. Join her in class today.

    Connor Power

    Fitness Coach

    Connor is an up and coming trainer with bundles of knowledge backed up with enthusiasm. He approaches training with a positive attitude and has passion and specialism in Sport specific strength and conditioning. Join him in Core Strength class or get seriously strong with some 1-1 or Group PT with him.

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    Open evenings and weekends
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