• A unique fitness studio designed for group exercise, fitness classes, personal training and nutritional seminars.

  • WTF Weekly Classes

    Witness The Fitness deliver's a range of weekly fitness classes to develop all aspects of fitness.


    Everything from HIIT for cardiovascular fitness and power, BoxFit to help relieve stress and develop upper body strength and power. Flexercise to develop balance and flexibility and not forgetting WTF's flagship weekly fitness class, Circuit.


    Circuit is the ultimate all round workout designed to be both challenging and fun. Its suitable for all fitness levels, however you need to come ready to work. These aren't the only classes click see timetable for full class list.


    WTF Community Vs OCR (Obstacle Course Race)

    Here at WTF we love and value community and togetherness, so there is no better way than organising TeamWTF to participate in different mud runs throughout the year.


    So whether you're a seasoned pro or completely new to OCR join in when TeamWTF takes on one.

    Health Assessments


    Health assessments offer a great starting point and are invaluable for monitoring your progress. along with the health tests your lifestyle and exercise regime will be analysed to help you improve your test scores and overall health.


    Check timetable for updates.

    Health and Exercise Workshops

    WTF regularly runs health and exercise workshops that are designed to offer insights and education on everything health and exercise related, which will help build upon your understanding so you can make better choices and improve upon your physical fitness.


    There are a variety of workshops throughout the year including 'the exercise recovery plan', 'foam roller therapy', 'posture problems', 'lower back pain management', 'injury prevention' and many more.


    Check Timetable for updates.




    Nutrition Seminars

    Nutrition seminars offer a great insight using unbiased and evidence based research so you can make better more realistic changes to your diet and nutrition.


    Nutrition seminars include 'personal energy requirements', 'personal nutrition requirements', 'eat well for less', 'effective weight management', 'fad diets', 'the truth about detox', 'lies and food labelling' and many more.


    Check Timetable for updates.



    Personal Training

    Personal Training offers a personalised approach to meeting your goals. WTF fitness coaches will offer the experience, expertise and skill needed for you to achieve no matter whether you want to lose weight, shape up, become strong, run a mud run or even just change your lifestyle for a fitter, healthier you.


    To enquire, hit the button and send us a message.


    Group PT

    Small Group Personal Training offers a more affordable and social way to train and meet your needs and goals. At the Studio we offer specific Group PT Programmes including: RunFIT and Female Strength and Performance amongst others.

    Online Personal Training

    If you can't reach us personally, then a bespoke and unique online training programme that you can do anywhere is the best option for you. Let one of WTFs fitness coaches design a personalised 6 week programme based on your personal needs and goals, with online ongoing support for a one off price.

    Workplace Wellness

    Corporate Wellness packages. Get Team Witness The Fitness to come into your workplace and offer health assessments, group training as well as educational workshops and seminars


    We offer full health assessments including blood pressure, resting heart rate, hip to waist ratio, body fat analysis and posture and range of movement analysis


    Group Corporate Training, get the office team, fitter, healthier and happier at work


    Educational Workshops to help your employees make better decisions on their wellness at work.

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  • Fitness Coach Profiles

    Meet the team

    Pete Staples

    Director and Fitness Coach of Witness The Fitness Training Studio

    With over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry delivering fitness classes and personal training. Pete has a fun and motivational approach to training and specialises in group fitness and improving runners and obstacle course fitness

    Adam Hudspith

    Part time fitness coach

    Adam has over 10 year experience in fitness industry from personal training to fitness classes. Adam has a strong belief in research based training and an emphasis on fun. Adam specialises in nutrition and weight loss.

    Connor Power

    Part time fitness coach

    Connor is an up and coming trainer with bundles of knowledge backed up with enthusiasm. He approaches training with a positive attitude and has passion and specialism in Sport specific strength and conditioning.

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    07926 636459
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